An introduction

This blog has been born out of finding myself in southern Africa with an unexpectedly large amount of time on my hands. The most recent of many international moves, and the first to take me thousands of expensive miles from fledging children, it meant leaving a reliable if not always very exciting work stream in Switzerland, and starting all over again professionally and personally.

There have been compensations. Zambia is a lovely country, the sun shines a lot, and people have been hugely welcoming. I decided to step back from the work I’d been doing previously and start to think and to write about things that interest or amuse or enrage me. I haven’t approached this in a very systematic or disciplined way. I don’t write every day, or sometimes even every week, and I don’t have a particular theme or direction in mind. But I’d like to start a conversation with people living lives similar or wildly different from my own, who share some of my enthusiasms, and who might agree or violently disagree with my perspective.

If any of what you find here from time to time interests or amuses or enrages you, I’d love to know, so please leave comments, or point me to other sites or blogs or anything else you think might be interesting, and let’s see where this conversation leads us.

Look forward to getting acquainted.


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